Manuel Di Rita was born in a small town near Venice Italy in 1980. Since 1993 he has been part of the graffiti-writing scene under the name of PEETA. He got started painting walls by himself at first exploring classic graffiti lettering styles and later more personal and organic shapes, landing a few years later to a unique 3D style based on the study of sculpture and industrial design. Since 2000 he quickly expanded his fame all around the world, since the last decade Peeta has been travelling around the world to several graffiti jams and meetings. He is now a professional artist selling art online and through several shows and live performances all around Europe, South and North America. He is part of EAD crew (Italy) and FX and RWK (New York).

Sculpting and painting are, in his way of work, two disciplines who are extremely interconnected. Every time he makes a sculpture he gets a lot of knowledge about 3D space and shapes, that's help him to paint in a better, more confident and original way. And on the other way around, painting new pieces serves him also as a way to explore new shapes for his almost abstract letters to sculpt later.